Research in Ghana

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This website is dedicated to research into the social, economic and environmental development of low-income communities in Ghana, West Africa. The purpose of this research is to examine potential theoretical frameworks from which practical generalizable models for community-led initiatives may be developed. In conjunction with this research, case studies of selected community projects will be discussed and progress reported. Central to these community projects is the study of the synergistic effects of e-commerce, intellectual capital drawn from the large pool of unemployed university graduates, and investment capital. Design science research provides the structure for the development of sustainability of technical, social, and environmental models for social wellbeing in the communities.

Digital Portfolio

This website is a digital portfolio of all research activities with various discussion papers, journal articles in draft and published form, bibliography library, and community-led project plans and performance analysis are available for down-load. Sub-Saharan Africa has exhibited great resilience to efforts to improve the wellbeing of people in low income communities. It is hoped that the information provided in this digital portfolio will, in some small way, help to derive generalizable models for sustainability that can be initiated on a wide scale to address a looming humanitarian crisis in the equatorial belt of Sub-Saharan African countries in the face of the imminent effects of climate change.

The research centres around six key areas:

The development of theoretical models for sustainability transitions in low income communities

The development of practical models for community-led economic, social, and environmental models that have the potential to transition to sustainability

The role of data analytics and machine learning technologies in the economic assessment of sustainable development in developing countries

Assessment of the social impact of community-led sustainable development initiatives in low income communities

Assessment of the environmental impact of community-led sustainable development initiatives in low income communities

Case studies of community-led sustainable development in low-income urban and rural areas of Ghana