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I am undertkaing this research as part of a Doctor of Sustainable Development degree at Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

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Thesis title:  The role of e-commerce in providing pathways to sustainability for poverty alleviation in Ghana, West Africa

Abstract: There have been substantial reductions in poverty rates in many regions of the world in recent years. Ghana reached the World Bank goal of halving its poverty levels by 2015 but some areas of Sub-Saharan Africa have not made any significant progress. The World Bank goal of elimination of poverty by 2030 is a challenging goal for the region and requires innovative approaches to stimulate economic and social development. There is a gap in the research on how community-led initiatives can achieve sustainable social, economic and environmental growth in low-income communities. The primary objective of this research proposal is to investigate the collaborative roles of e-commerce, entrepreneurial leadership and investment capital in community-led sustainable development projects for poverty alleviation. This research will be undertaken through two case studies, one in an urban environment, and the other in a rural environment. The case studies will use a mixed methods qualitative and quantitative approach to measure the performance of community-led projects in terms of the sustainability goals of economic growth, social well-being, and environmental stability. The case study results will be analysed to assess the viability of replication of the projects in other locations. A concurrent aim is to research the theoretical frameworks from which practical solutions for sustainable development and poverty reduction can be constructed. The goal is to develop conceptual computational models that can be further developed under future research to simulate a wide range of community and cultural scenarios. The significance of the proposed research arises out of the contributions by the case studies and the theoretical modelling to understandings of how successful community-led projects can be implemented in other low-income communities. The research will be undertaken in Ghana, West Africa, where an actual physical network for development projects is being established and progressively expanded across all regions of Ghana. The network is supported by an e-commerce platform that engages local projects with markets locally, nationally and internationally.

Paul Sefah – Community Action Project Manager – Tefle, Ghana

Emmanuel Nyamekye – Community Action Project Manager – Tetegu Road, Accra, Ghana